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This is my personal blog which consists of 50% Hannibal and its cast, 20% Pushing Daises and its cast, and 30% whatever else seems blog worthy. I write and occasionally edit a photo or two.

"He's this... beautiful creature, void in form; not made of flesh but or shadows and noise." -Me, describing Hannibal Lecter.

Draw me like one of your nudes, Picasso

Dire at the seizure scene.

Watching Episode 04

Dire: *at the bee scene* Talk about hive mind

Me: That’s going on tumblr


Just Joking beautiful people ;)

So, it’s been three fucking months since I was last on and LOTS OH SHIT HAS HAPPENED:

Am I the only one

Who would totally pick Nigel over Hannibal? Seriously, that’s the devil you can see over the devil in the shadow. Creepy possessive cannibal or possessive gangster who will protect you until his last breath. On the scale of abusers, I’m going with the very bad man from Bucharest….



against a wall

with a rope around his neck

and blue swim trunks around his ankles



i bet that hannibal’s secretly thrilled that will worked up the balls to send a killer after him

embrace the darkness, young padawan

i’m so proud of you

You know he was more than just a little proud. Will is becoming everything Hannibal has seen him to be and this only further proves it to him.

I’m just… I…

I really can’t right now… I mean I am numb…